You Cannot Ignore Education

Welcome to my website. This is a window to explore everything about education.

Let me share a story. John was born to janitor parents. His janitor parents were not educated and they did not send John to school. How likely is it that John will have a financially successful life?  Very unlikely. John might have to fall back on Government to support him in his adulthood. This support comes from tax payers’ dollars and hence the entire society pays for John’s missed education.

I took an extreme example above to make my point that education is extremely important and is a social responsibility. I will be doing my bit by running this website.

Back to the story. Let’s say Government eliminates all unemployment insurance programs and social benefits. John is either unemployed or earns very little.  Under this circumstance, John might resort to crime to make both ends meet. Who pays the price?- society. Let’s say he gets caught and is sent to jail. Who pays for the prison?- society.

This is not a propaganda for encouraging social programs. This is to demonstrate that notwithstanding the absence or presence of social programs like unemployment insurance; societal costs of ignoring education is high.

Then there is another way to look at it. Let’s forget about the societal costs since such arguments do not work with right brained folks. How about compassion? If you were enabled by education to have a financially successful life, you might “feel” like enabling others to have the same. I “feel” passionately and compassionately about education, hence I started this website. I am not focusing on the underprivileged though, I am focusing on the seekers of information, knowledge and opportunities.

To be very clear, I am not suggesting that the uneducated  cannot have a good quality of life. By all means they can; but the statistical probability is low. There are several odds stacked against them.  Also, by education, I do not necessarily mean formally educated at a college. In this present day and age, access to post-secondary education is not limited to 4 year brick and mortar colleges, hence by educated I mean people who have acquired the necessary skills for a high paying job or entrepreneurship. The skills could have been acquired online, at a neighborhood non-profit institute or a brick and mortar college.  Statistics still show that people with college degrees make more money than people without them on an average, so college is still important.

Hence my goal with this website is to spread information about education and educational opportunities. If somebody wants to attend college in the US or in other countries like India, she should be able to get some information here to enable her. If people want to learn vocational  skills without going to college, they should be able to obtain some information on this website regarding that as well. I can also enlighten people on some very specific topics like computer programming and chip design if there is an ask.

Let’s spread the joy of education together!