Hi! I am Vishal Kirti and I am an Electrical and Computer (ECE) Engineer by education. I have a Bachelors of Sciences degree in ECE from IIT Madras (Indian Institute of Technology) and a Masters of Sciences degree in ECE from UW Madison (University of Wisconsin- Madison). I have been a scholarship student all my post-secondary life and understand extremely well the value of a good education. I design chips (ASICs) for Cisco Systems in Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area), where I live with my wife and kids.

I am very passionate about education and this website will cover all aspects of education. Whether you want to know about educational policies or want to get into a good school/college, this is your one stop free shop for all the information. I will be writing on these topics as and when I have time. Please contact me via the form below if you want me to write on a specific topic.


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  1. Oh btw, Sandeep singh knows everything!
    How can he get post mortem done without noticing the injuries on his neck , stomach or bleeding wound on right leg.


  2. Sir, he needed his family the most during his challenging times😭 we as a whole society are responsible for his desmise – the stigma, shame and how non serious mental health is taken. I wish he had his trusted people to surpass that moment. I wish he could express what he had going through. Not embracing the cause of death is mockery not just to mental illness but to Sushant’s pain. And it is because of this stigma, shame, & ignorance he is not between us . Just think if had cancer or any other big physical illness would anybody would have left him alone ? …his whole family would just not have been with him but also would have been 1st to know regarding his illness. Please ponder sir no offense to anybody please. We still don’t consider mental health seriously ..we are aware but still are unware of its pain & intensity. We as a society , we all are responsible … because of the stigma he didn’t reach out to anybody… I am really sorry 🙏😭


    • Urmi, I highly appreciate you acknowledging me tal illnes. The whole world is behaving like it can’t happen to anyone. I am not getting into debate. But the whole point of understanding what he was going through because of his mental condition, no one will understand unless he or she has gone through the same. Family has to be with such a person period. Deepika had depression and her family was with her. Kanye West has depression and his family is with him all the time. Now Michelle Obama announced she has depression and her family is with her. This thing is real. And everybody is just saying how can such a lively person have depression.
      Again sorry but don’t want to offend anyone and nothing about his death. Just about the pain depression gives you. And fact remains his family was not with him. Question is not that he didn’t allow them to be with him. Family had to be with him no matter what. No one can stop them. At least his dad.


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