Hi! I am Vishal Kirti and I am an Electrical and Computer (ECE) Engineer by education. I have a Bachelors of Sciences degree in ECE from IIT Madras (Indian Institute of Technology) and a Masters of Sciences degree in ECE from UW Madison (University of Wisconsin- Madison). I have been a scholarship student all my post-secondary life and understand extremely well the value of a good education. I design chips (ASICs) in Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area), where I live with my wife and kids.

I am very passionate about education and this website will cover all aspects of education. Whether you want to know about educational policies or want to get into a good school/college, this is your one stop free shop for all the information. I will be writing on these topics as and when I have time. Please contact me via the form below if you want me to write on a specific topic.