Happy with the latest developments

Some people think that the drug angle is a distraction from the homicide case however I beg to differ. Drugs and homicide have gone hand-in-hand for ages. I am pretty confident that the drugs angle, in addition to other investigations CBI is doing, will lead to the answer to many questions which everyone is wondering about.

That being said, very happy with the arrests made so far and hope that these arrests will lead to more revelations which is what we want.

My only concern is if people in high places can still add impediments to the progress since I have noticed in the last few days that the Twitter bots and Twitter paid PR have gotten extremely active and increasingly nasty. I choose to stay optimistic, going into this weekend. I am sure Sush is smiling from upstairs as well, happy that things are progressing.

Cheers from Sush. A rare picture where Sushant wore my daughter’s hairband for fun!

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