Sushant and the journey of the middle class

Sushant’s family was never in the limelight on purpose. While he was alive, the family deliberately stayed away from media. Other than occasional conversations about him with friends, very few actually knew that we were his kin. This setup was by design. It kept the relationship clean and honest. We didn’t use the social currency of his association and he enjoyed spending time with us without any burden.

After his unfortunate demise, the family has to step out and defend his legacy and fight for justice. This exposes the family to public, media and scrutiny. We are very thankful for all the support we have received. Family members have started off from middle class and while Sushant reached new heights of stardom and fame, his other family members also progressed to upper middle class and higher economic ladders, on their own merit.

And this is what resonates with the public. Sushant and his family represent the aspirations of India. Sushant and his family represent self-reliance, hard work, economic progression; the great Indian dream.

What happens when the middle class dreams are shattered or when dreams are achieved and then everything is taken away. It shatters the faith of millions of middle-class families. This is why India is hurting so much because it almost feels like the systems in place could not protect this boy from middle class who had made a respectable mark for himself. People are wondering if such a successful person cannot be protected and served justice, will a common man ever be?

I hope that Sushant is served justice, not just for his and his family’s sake but for the sake of over billion Indians, who are dreaming together a new, more self-reliant India, because what has happened is so symbolic that it is no longer only about Sushant. I have a strong feeling that justice will be served because the current situation is very similar to the prerequisite for justice as quoted by Benjamin Franklin- “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

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  3. Tears of joy, hope and sadness. What resonates is also a strange uncanny familiarity – I wonder if it’s his face, or his child like laugh… Because it feels familiar , resembles maybe that supercool senior every girl secretly eyed, or that family member who had fancied sportbikes or that nerdy friend who would never stop talking about physics… Tiny specks of known unknowns like he would put it. Known through a familiar dream … He seems like he was ours… He is ours. But in my prayers what I pray for most dearly is that he stays closer to you- his family . If he meant so much to an unknown me, I cannot imagine what he must mean to his family. The soul is eternal, the body like a garment we shed. He is and always will be. I wish to imbibe his principles in my life , I wish to strive for perfection in all I do. I know that would mean something to him. Thank you for writing this.


  4. Finally a step in the right direction towards getting justice for a humble, super hardworking, inspiring gem of a person who left too soon. His work is his legacy inspiring millions of people around the globe. Prayers and well wishes and persistence has finally paved off.
    Condolences to his family members.May all of us get closure and pray for his soul to rest in peace.


  5. Your family is like the quintessential middle class family. Highly meritorious and self made. Be it Sushant his sisters or his brother in laws. You are very right in your conclusion. The nation is with you because they feel ssr could be anyone’s child, brother and friend. My parents are warriors for ssr, as they see a sense of purpose in protecting his legacy and rectitude. They sympathize with your family immensely. As of youngsters like me, hailing from a middle class Bihari family working hard and dreaming big to set high standards of achievement is what resonated with Sushant’s story. Not to mention I was astounded by his sense of curiosity, which sadly I never came to know when he was alive. Probably SSR didn’t “market” his intelligence. It was so innate and sacred in him to be curious that he felt it would be sacrilegious to “market” it unlike his totally dumb Bollywood peers who would market even “mental health and depression”. I have been awe of his reading list. He was almost made to feel apologetic in his interviews for his brilliance. People called him boring and professor like. Why? Because he didn’t feed media the fodder of gossips. Probably Hollywood would have been better suited for him where he would have mingled with the likes of James Franco, Natalie Portman, Spielberg, Nolan and others. Brilliant boy who could have given us so much than just films. Inspiring us with his many dreams and possibilities.


    • I totally agree with you SR. Unfortunately I never knew him before he left us. The only movie i watched of his was PK and in which i said i like this guy and that’s it. I was not too much into bollywood and now not at all. I have watched all his interviews and felt that no one in bollywood could understand him because of his superior intelligence so they got jealous and scared of him. He was far superior than most of them. I wish i knew him and supported him then.
      He resonates with most of us because majority of us come from middle class families and work really hard to achieve what we want to. Now I am scared to tell my son (only Child) to dream big and to follow his dreams.
      Vishal has written beautifully why he resonated with us. All of SSR’s siblings are self made and followed their dreams whether it was sports, entertainment or any other field. They all worked very hard to reach where they are today. We all can relate to them. They have the same family values as any good family has. They look like normal brother and sisters full of love and mischief. I can relate to that.
      We feel so connected with all them and not just Sushant. They feel like family without any connection or meeting.
      Wishing a fair and clean CBI probe. Justice for SSR.
      From one of SSR’ s not related sister 💕

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  6. We are with the family of SSR in this pain filled journey but with expectation and hope for the justice to be served.What he has achieved within so a young age is such an inspiration to all of us.We only hope and pray for the love and peace to prevail to deal with this unforgettable pain having to death with.
    All our love and prayers for the justice to the family and SSR to finally rest in peace!


  7. I saw another comment here that is now deleted. It is very strange to see Shweta Singh Kirti and Sushant’s niece (who doesn’t even have 15 insta posts) got themselves verified on social media within weeks of Sushan’t passing. Have never seen any family members of a person who just died jump at getting a social media verified tick no matter how much publicity surrounding the case. Actions speak much louder than words, and this is not sitting well.
    Also disappointing to see Sushant’s family and their lawyer is selectively clarifying whatever suits them as opposed to what is the truth. All this while there has been media uproar about why the post mortem was conducted that night itself. And now it turns out that Meetu and the IPS brother in law requested this expedited post mortem themselevs. If you are benfiting from our public support (and by the way I supported you a lot on social media) should you not also quell rumours you know are untrue? I hope your goal is not just to rile us up against Rhea and third parties because that is NOT what we are here for. We are here for the truth, whatever it may be.


    • @ everyone here: sorry if I hurt sentiments. I am not ok with opportunistic clarifications. I have been asking these questions myself in what I thought was the family’s defense, and now I feel quite foolish. I don’t see why the family could not have clarified these rumours that have been actively swirling in the public domain and blown up by the media. It’s not like this is a mere conspiracy theory, this was being portrayed as evidence of wrong doing. If it is not true, the responsible thing to do is to clarify. This case has taken up a lot of public time and attention, and I do not think my suggestion is too much to ask.


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