Two months and counting since that fateful night.

We were fast asleep on the night of 13th June which was a Saturday night in the US and Sunday (14th June) afternoon in India. I usually put my phone on Airplane mode on weeknights so that I don’t get disturbed in the middle of the night. My wife turns on the vibrate mode on her phone at night. However, on weekends, I leave my phone on the vibrate mode sometimes instead of putting it on the Airplane mode. The dreadful calls started coming in at around 2 am PST (2:30 pm IST). The phone was away from the bed and of course, I had no idea who was calling and why continuously but I could hear the nonstop vibrations. Annoyed, I got up to check and at that moment, the world came tumbling down. Before I talked to anyone, I read the text messages which were flashing on the screen. Many people including family members were trying to reach us and many friends were asking if the news was fake. I checked the news and was horrified to read that Sushant had allegedly taken his life. I ran over to Shweta’s phone on the other side of the bed and noticed a plethora of missed calls and text messages on her phone as well. And that’s when I did one of the toughest things I have had to do in my life, break the news to Shweta. I cannot forget her reaction and her first conversation with Rani Di. It broke my heart to listen to them crying on the phone and that night changed our lives forever as we knew it.

We started making phone calls and planning our travel to India. We were up all night trying to figure out all the details. We realized that because of COVID-19, it’s incredibly hard to travel or to even get a flight ticket to India. Eventually, with the help of friends in the Bay Area, we found one seat for Shweta on a San Francisco-Delhi flight on the 16th of June. The morning was even more challenging since we had to break this news to our children, Sushant’s niece, and nephew.

Why am I sharing all of this? I am sharing this because it’s been two months since that fateful night and we are still struggling. Emotions are still high and eyes are still watery.  What was taken away from us that night is hard to express in words. Our lives will never be the same again. However, we hope that an unbiased investigation would shed light on what transpired and perhaps give us some closure so that we can focus on cherishing his memories instead of always wondering what exactly happened with Sushant and why he could not be saved. Hence, my appeal to everyone is to keep pressing for truth so that not only us but all of Sushant’s supporters and well-wishers can find peace. 

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In closing, I am sharing one of my favorite pictures with Sushant. I have many pictures of him but this one is close to my heart because it always reminds me of how sensitive and respectful Sushant was. In the capacity of my brother-in-law, he was supposed to do a ritual at my wedding where he would pull me with my  “dupatta”. I don’t remember what the point of the ritual was but I do remember Sushant being uncomfortable about pulling me in that manner and I had to encourage him to do it and had to ensure him that I did not mind that at all.  Only then did he perform the ritual. Always smiling, always compassionate, that’s the memory I have of him. 


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  1. Sir we are with family. We in any way can not compensate the loss but we least can we do is to pressurize the government.


  2. 1 din
    10 din
    13 din
    Aur dekhte dekhte 60 din ho gaye
    Sushant tumhare jaane sey bahut kuch badal gayaa
    Hum logon ne ladna seekha
    Awaaz uthana seekha
    Aur awaaz ko buland karna seekha
    Ab yeh awaaz ek goonj ban gayee hai
    Ek sangram ban gaya hai..
    Yeh ladai abb unn sab ladayiyon se mil gayee hai
    Jo ladne se pehle khamosh ho gayee..
    Ab yeh goonj…ek naad ban gaya hai
    Yudh ka avahan
    Yeh Yudh hee hai…aur tum Yugpurush


  3. Lol please. Rhea is the one who wrongly accused his sister of molestation so that they could create a barrier between the two closest siblings. Main this is- why is Rhea opposing the CBI investigation after she herself posted on social media asking for it? Drama!


  4. Missing you dearly Sushant. I hope and pray everyday for justice. I haven’t been able to focus on anything because my mind is occupied by thoughts of SSR. I hope the culprits are jailed soon. Sending love and strength from Nepal to the whole family. Please take care. We are all with you.

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  5. In this moment of crisis everyone stands with you and your family Vicky. We have faith in the almighty and firmly believe that truth shall prevail eventually!!


  6. Hello!
    My deepest condolences to you and your family for this loss.
    I was never Sushant’s fan especially because I stopped watching bollywood for a while to focus on my career, my visions and also I could hardly myself relate to so many movies other than biopics.

    But SSR was beyond an actor & as an engineer myself, I have become his biggest supporter!

    I have been literally spending 8-12 hours (all combined) watching YouTube live shows, following Instagram , listening to experts , tweeting/ re-tweeting ,collecting more evidences , trolling celebs , understanding SSR even better through each HIS FANS /SUPPORTERS & by watching his interviews …for 2 months straight. I know , bollywood is COLLAPSING SOON!

    Also , belonging to an industry like bollywood ; #SSR thought of gaining popularity & generate greater income ; to use them to invest into his other passions…. which is impossible through real engineering in early stages …ask me , I am still struggling!
    He wanted to investe into his business , innovations & passion to simply grow India FURTHER in +ve ways!

    I live in New York and I would love meet his family either in the US or India someday! It will be my honor !

    I feel Sushant should be declared and honored as a MARTYR (Shaheed) for exposing the enemies of India living in INDIA iteself without him having to go to the border…I have said this right from the beginning to Ms. Roopa Ganguly , Shekhar Suman, and PM Modi ji !

    Please stay safe and hoping for some positive news today!

    Dear God, Please power us through & bless the decision by the Supreme Court so that it reaches the RESULT of punishing all the culprits of Sushant Singh’s murder.We need YOUR DIVINE INTERVENTION as nothing happens without YOUR PERMISSION & PLAN!


  7. Finally the case has been transferred to CBI. Let’s hope SSR’s family, friends and fans get closure. Satyameva Jayate!


  8. We miss Sushant, too! We talk about him everyday. The lives of fans hasn’t been the same since June 14th. Sushant was a beautiful soul the bacha of his sisters. This emotional post made me cry.
    I don’t want to use the word hate, but I will, I hate bollywood with the bottom of my heart, they took Sushant away from us. This isn’t fair to his family and his fans.


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